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e4seo Excel Tool provides features that change the way data is organized and displayed. From now on, leading SEO data from our partners Searchmetrics is available in Excel.

With the Excel tool, you can query a massive data into predefined sample report templates, or into user made custom templates. It enables you also to call API methods, using appropriate parameters, and to place result in the desired range.

As you can switch among different types of excel files, it offers transparency and quick overview.

Built-in Excel calculation, graphing or pivot table enables you to manipulate, manage and analyze your favorite SEO data with a single click.

Tool is based on couple of unique time-saving features.

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Product is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007/10/13/16 (for MS Windows) and for registered users of Searchmetrics API only.




  • Blazing fast reporting and effective comparisons
  • Powerful analysis of large amounts of data
  • Teamwork and transparency
  • Professional reports ready for manager or client

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