Fast Reporting

To get first reports from Searchmetrics API in Excel, all you need is to provide parameters and a click on selected sample report. If you hover on provided parameter input controls, information pop-up will appear.

Ease Of Use

Simple but flexible. Causal users love e4seo simplicity as they are able to get reports in no time. SEO specialists love its flexibility. Whether it is quick check on values or full scale analysis, users can access and combine all Searchmetrics API data elements with ease.

Simple Configuration

With only API credentials as mandatory element of configuration, users can get first reports minutes after installation.

Dynamic Parameters

Powerful comparisons are possible by using Dynamic Parameters. Automated method invocations and simple layout make it easy for you to get apples next to apples just like that.

API Coverage

Long term project or an ad-hoc analysis. With full Searhmetrics API covered it is the same and enables you to do comprehensive research.

Custom Report Templates

Creating a report with your company logo on it or trying to streamline your operations and ease on team communication by adopting standard report formats. All that is possible with Custom Reports functions of e4seo.

Cost Transparency

With e4seo you're always two seconds away from checking on your credit balance.

Fully Integrated

Component is built on proved excel integration framework. That's why all of Excel powerful tools are there for you. To shape and give touch to your favorite data.