Execute Sample Report

Fill-in Parameters

Running a Sample (or User) Report is a two step process. User first has to fill-in parameters on left part of e4seo Excel tab.

After parameters have been entered, user needs to click on selected Sample Report button.


Before starting to render a report, Excel will now open a new document. Next, while report is rendering in upper right corner progress bar will appear. User now has to wait until rendering of results is complete.

Depending on report complexity and number of API methods being executed, rendering might took from few seconds till one minute. Even the technical limit is 2 minutes most reports will need less than a minute.

If connection or other unexpected issues happen during report rendering, it is pretty safe to try to execute the same report again. All earlier completed method results were put in local cache so report can be executed without additional (credit) cost.


After rendering is complete, progress bar will disapear and report is ready for review or editing.