After completion of registration process and download, locate your zip package and right click on it. Select Properties and if you find Unblock button to be active on General tab of provided dialog, click on it.

As from Windows Vista, zip packages downloaded from internet are marked untrusted by default. In order to use such file, user needs to Unblock it first.


By using Extract options from file context menu (or some other way), unpack zip package to a (permanent) folder of your preference.

We recommend it to be dedicated folder if you wish to make changes later on.

Excel Options

Open you Excel (versions 2007+ supported), go to Office button - Excel 2007 (round button on upper left) or File - Excel 2010/12/16, then Excel Options -> Add Ins.

Make sure that Excel Add-ins is selected under Manage (lower left). Click on Go...

Excel Add-Ins

On new dialog click on Browse... and go to a folder where files are extracted (step 2).

Select add-in

Depending on exact version of your Office, select E4Seo.Addin.xll or E4Seo.Addin64.xll and hit Open. First file is for 32-bit Office and second for 64 bit.

Version you have can be checked via Excel Options -> Resources -> About. But no worries, if incorrect selection is made, Excel will refuse to load it properly and selection can be corrected.


Hit OK on opened dialog. If installation is a success, there should be new tab available, E4SEO. If this is first installation of component, at this stage many buttons will be disabled since product isn't configured yet.


If you've installed e4seo in the past, component will try to locate existing configuration information. Othervise, on E4SEO tab right there is Configuration button. Press it and go to SearchMetrics API tab. Enter your API key and secret.

If you aren't sure if you have API key and secret already or would like to get it, login to and go to Keys Overview.


To test if API key and secret are valid, you can click on Test Connection. Provided message will indicate if credentials are correct. Available credits will get refreshed.

Press Refresh projects and hit OK. Component is ready to be used now.

Where to next

Component is now configured and ready to use.

First simple use case could be selection of project url, entering of other parameters on new tab left and testing with one of provided sample reports. Each control has info pop-up that is shown when hovering on the control.