How It Works

Ad Hoc Analysis

Dynamic Pane button opens panel used for ad hoc API method execution.

Depending on selected parameter options, component will execute selected method one or (in case of dynamic parameter selection) multiple times.

Results will be presented starting from current sheet/cell or in new sheet or will be put to Windows clipboard (in textual format).

Methods are called on Searchmetrics API endpoint and results are acommodated to Excel tabular form in the process.

Complete Report

After clicking selected sample or custom report, component will make analysis of given report template and for each defined Excel region execute appropriate API method.

Results will be presented in given region and match will be made for selected region columns and result columns.

Excel region(s) with name that does not correspond to available API methods are ignored.


All results obtained in single session are cached so that overall cost to end user is reduced.

Session lifetime is limited to single opening and closing events of Excel application.