Ad-hoc Dynamic Report

Turn Pane On

Ad-hoc dynamic reporting is done by using Dynamic Reporting Pane. Pane is invisible by default and is opened when click on Dynamic Pane button is made.

API Methods

On top of pane, just below title is drop-down with all API methods available. Methods are listed in alphabetical order.

More information on all API methods can be obtained from Method Info pop-up. It can be opened by clicking on information button upper right of Method Name drop-down.

Parameters and Output

From Method Name drop-down select ResearchKeywordsGetListSimilarKeywords. As selected method changes so is with list of available parameters and output columns.

In Static Parameter Values grid, for countrycode select DE, for keyword enter europe and for limit select 10.

In lower part of pane are located controls for management of output. From Output To select Current Worksheet/Cell. Just below Output To drop-down turn on Titles check box. In Excel Workspace click on cell B2.

Get Single Report

Finally, in lower part of pane, hit GetReport button.

Method will execute immediatelly and results will be shown. This is example for single method invoke and single table result-set.

Get Dynamic Report

Now create new document and select cell B2 again. In Dyamic Parameter drop-down, just below Static Parameter Values grid, select countrycode.

In Dynamic Param Values box below, type following 4 countrycode separated by comma: DE, GB, TR, JP.

By clicking on GetReport button, method will get executed again and results will be shown. Dynamic parameter value column will be added to result as first column and results will be stacked and outlined.

One important difference is that (in backend) method has been now excuted 4 times to obtain dynamic result set.